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International Group For Trading & Contractors

The International Group for Trading and Contractors Company (Al Safwa formerly) one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of building construction and the International Group for Trading and Contractors (Al Safwa formerly) Egyptian joint stock company established in accordance with the provisions of the law of joint stock companies and companies limited by shares and limited liability companies, promulgated by Law No. 159 of 1981 and its executive and the purpose of the company is work in the areas of housing, construction leasing and owning real estate, residential units and administrative In the planning, establishment and management of tourist cities and necessary work, promotion and publicity contract for the delegations and tourist groups internally and externally And all tourist services that complement the projects and urban sprawl.

* The company has a number of previous projects completed and continues to advance steadily current projects, The Statement is attached to these projects.

The company has a plan for the implementation of social participation at all levels across the health services, education and social and still on the same approach proposes to implement and enforce the strong strides taking it for the better.

The International Group for Trading and Contractors (Al Safwa previously) represented by the Chairman of the Board Engineer / Suleiman pursues approach is consistent and specific, excellence and quality in all its work and considering this is Through the company is the only access to the World Which hopes for the company's management and for this the company makes two important steps are: -

First: - the work of a private Internet page to the company.
Starting from the company that it will be a window to the outside world and a means is very important to keep abreast of global development, in addition to that it will be in the service of all customers, both within the company C. M. P or abroad.

Second: - to obtain ISO 9001 certification for the year 2000
The company has since its inception, always choice the best elements of the engineers, managers and technicians as well as contractors and suppliers and also the best raw materials and made ​​this is the motto Permanent  was this approach is the way to obtain ISO 9001 certification for the year 2000 and is the company is one of the first construction companies in Egypt, It  get the latest certificate of ISO and the company has taken a political fixed quality and specific Work in order to always get to customer satisfaction.